Our Conscious + Sustainable Efforts


Soul Shapers' core values are to sell high quality products that support our goals of sustainability and manifest a happier and healthier world.  We accomplish these goals by:

  • producing clothing made from natural fibers
  • using recycled plastic and paper for shipping
  • partnering with other eco-minded businesses

Our Soul Shapers brand Tee’s are 100% organic cotton and made in Los Angeles by a small locally owned manufacturer.


You may be wondering why not just go plastic free?

Well, currently there is no perfect answer to single-use materials that have zero impact on our environment.

Compostable bioplastics can still have unintended negative effects on the environment and must be composted since they will not break down quickly in landfills. Biodegradable plastic is just plastic that breaks down quicker into microplastics. The thing about plastic is… it’s already here.

Until we completely stop creating new plastic products, it is important to recycle any plastic that is no longer being used.



To make recycling work, there must be a market for recycled goods.  Consumers must actually buy products that use recycled materials and not purchase so called “virgin plastics”. Recycling companies have little incentive and not enough demand to recycle, and only recycle about 10% of the plastic sent to them. The other 90% is sent to a landfill.

Unfortunately, an estimated 3% of global annual plastic waste enters the oceans every year (in 2010 this was about 8 million tons).

In a perfect world we would no longer rely on plastics and instead have a renewable and biodegradable bioplastic made from an eco-friendly plant source… But until then, we need to purchase products that are made with recycled plastic.

So when you get a Soul Shapers package in our recycled plastic mailers, can you pretty please recycle it?


The problem with traditionally grown cotton is not in the fiber itself, it's in the chemicals and practices used to grow it. Conventional cotton farming consists of the extensive use of synthetic fertilizers, soil additives, defoliants, and other substances that wreak havoc on soil, water, the air and the animals that live in the area. It requires the use of herbicides (weed killers) like glycophosate which is a probable cancer causer and is especially worrisome for the health of the farmers using it.

Currently, organic cotton costs more, but purchasing these products creates a market in which farmers are incentivized to continue sustainable growing practices.

Additionally, the washing of synthetic fibers (acrylic, nylon, polyester) results in the shedding of microplastics that end up in our oceans, water supplies, and eventually our food and our bodies.



No one is perfect and no shipping method or attempt at sustainability is perfect- we feel we are a shift in the right direction.

By supporting a slow fashion model, we shift the thinking and move towards more mindful purchases of goods that we intend to keep for a long time. Higher prices ultimately encourages and supports a more sustainable market across the board:

  • higher wages for factory workers
  • more sustainable production practices
  • increased demand for recycled plastics
  • investment in the use of natural fibers

The world will shift as minds shift + our purchases have to align with our values... 

Thank you for being a part of the change!