“I'm not a doctor so I don't diagnose, it's more about helping people and guiding them into executing better ways of living and basically fulfilling their destiny and reason for being on this earth, in this particular life. .... I love it.”


Nicolette Amarillas Founder of Expansive Voice, is a vibrant and enthusiastic Soul Shaper who has found a way to enable Women to feel empowered and accumulate the tools to a healthier and fulfilled lifestyle. Starting out as a Life Coach and Personal Trainer specializing in postural and spinal health, Nicolette quickly realized there was a close connection between injuries and internal emotions.

With a deep desire to combine her Physical Training and Life Coaching, she honed in on the idea of using the chakra system to find a way to empower others. Nicolette craved to reach a larger audience and to expand her business, so she put it out to the Universe.

Below she shares how Expansive Voice is blossoming into a life changing movement, and how her own battle with bulimia helped shape her understanding of how important our vessels are for our soul and happiness during our time spent in this world. 

Soul Shapers has teamed up with Nicolette and Expansive Voice to host a Wellness and Fundraiser Event that will also be raising awareness and giving back to The Her Initiative:

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SS: How did Expansive Voice unfold after you put it out to the universe?
EV: Well it was around the same time that I realized I know so many female entrepreneurs who are either artists or who are in wellness and holistic health. So I wrote down all of their names— the list was like 20 or 30 people deep. And I thought, I've hit something here— like, why aren't these people friends? We need to create something around this.
So I played around with the idea of something like a center in San Francisco, but that didn't really change my problem of waking up at 5AM and being in San Francisco every day (laughs).
At that same time I was training my friend Heather Day and when I told her about the idea, she's said, “um this sounds amazing, lets jive on it..” So we literally just pulled out some construction paper and just started writing words and throwing it all out there. After a couple days of doing that, I had a somewhat solid idea of what I wanted to create, which is basically Destination Experiences that help women learn different types of meditation.

SS: What do you mean by destination experiences?
EV: I thought okay, I'm a holistic practitioner which means I train my clients holistically, I explore all areas of their life like their marriage, the way they sleep, how they're eating etc. It goes very deep into their internal and even their unconscious mind. Then I thought what if we kind of flipped this retreat idea on it's head, and instead of just doing yoga and meditation, what if we create a holistic retreat that basically introduces women to the idea that meditation doesn't mean you have to sit down and close your eyes.. it can mean so many different things— it can mean you're dancing, working with your hands and doing art, working with flowers doing floral arranging, yoga, etc. It can mean so many different things and I don't think enough women know that, so that's one of the main ideas behind it.
Then I thought, “I want to travel”, so let's make it traveling around the world!

SS: Who is EV for and how will EV help?
EV: I've found that some of my female one-on-one clients have completely lost the ability to take care of themselves. They're always taking care of their kids, their husbands, their boyfriends, their employees (I have CEO's). Whether it's family or it's just people that they're managing, it was breaking my heart to not be able to introduce them to something more than just exercise, that they can really take into their lives and hopefully use as a way to feel more in control and develop the ability to say what they need to say - “no”, or “you know what hun, I don't want to have a third kid”, “I don't want to get married”, “I need a divorce”, “I need to leave my job” etc.- being able to have some type of outlet to connect with and then feel more powerful where you can make changes and big decisions, and just move forward.

SS: Why is EV geared solely towards women?
EV: I decided to help just women because I feel like you can't argue that there's just some deepness about being in a group of women, and being able to be very vulnerable in that way that you cannot be when there are men and women.

SS: Do you feel that men also have these similar problems?
EV: Oh they do, and unfortunately I think we assume that men don't have those problems, but it's more so that we haven't opened up the ability for men to express that. Honestly I think that's going to be the next step. Society is becoming more open to women and letting women go through these emotions, and be okay with this type of change to not be the classic “lady” who we're all told we're supposed to be— whether that be the way you look physically, who you love, etc.. I think it's also like that for men, it's just not accepted yet.

SS: It would also be a lot for you to take on both right now..
EV: Right. Also I'm not a man, I'm a woman.. so I feel like there's that degree.

SS: What are some battles you've faced in your personal life that you've needed to heal?
EV: I actually suffered eight years from bulimia which is a big reason I got into wellness and fitness. I even had an eating disorder while I was a personal trainer. Its common for women who have had an eating disorder to get into fitness. But I went from this super unhealthy bulimic, very sad, college student in her early twenties, to this hyper health addict tracking all my food.. very masculine in a way. I didn't allow my body to be feminine, I lost my period, I was very small and thin, but I was losing the natural femininity.

SS: How has your battle with bulimia helped your perspective with Expansive Voice and helping other women?
EV: My battle with bulimia is another big reason that this path has been calling to me, I want to be able to help women tap into that feminine energy and just LOVE it, and hone in on it and use it because it's awesome.

SS: Who are the Practitioners and Luminaries of Expansive Voice?
EV: The practitioners are Luminaries, these women are experts in different varieties of healing, each of them will teach their practice to attending women. For example today I met with the yoga instructor, and last week I met with a psychotherapist who teaches art therapy and movement therapy, but also classic talking therapy. I have someone who helps couples as well as individuals, vocalize and practice sexual health by voicing what they need and want. Expansive Voice is also about learning and becoming stronger in general.. I made this a movement, I didn't make it a “retreat”, because I anticipate that it could evolve and continue to shape itself into something completely different, like who knows.

SS: Why did you avoid the word “retreat”?
EV: Retreat just doesn't sit with me right. When I hear the word “retreat”, I think of pulling away, retreating, hiding, and kind of escaping life when Expansive Voice is the opposite. We're actually going to be diving in, learning about ourselves, and trying to fix things. So its really not retreating, I feel like I'd be falsely advertising if I called it a retreat. Plus we hear that word all the time in fitness and people have their opinion of it already, like a predisposed idea.

SS: What are the different Destination Experiences that EV offers and how do people know which one to go to?
EV: First is The Rooted Experience which is grounded in the energies of the First Three Chakras- the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. This Experience focuses on foundational physical healing.
Second is The Centered Experience which is draws on the Fourth and Fifth Chakras— the Heart and Throat Chakras. This Experience is designed to activate your internal power source and voice.
Third is The Expanded Experience which draws on the Sixth and Seventh Chakras— the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. This experience is designed to tap into your worldly and energetic purpose.
Lodging is in a destination setting; organic meals and snacks are prepared on premise daily for all Experiences.

SS: How do people know which one to go to?
EV: On the website there is a button that says "Wondering if this Experience is right for you? We can help." I created this questionnaire to help me guide women to the experience right for them based on their answers, if they are unsure of which they should attend.

SS: What is your overall goal with EV and what do you want your audience to take home with them?
EV: Overall I want to help women feel more confident and find outlets. I want them to be able to illuminate—I just feel like so many people, women and men, are in a dark room and they need help turning on the light so that they can see what's in front of them, and Expansive Voice is just that. We're not promising to change lives in eight days, you know.. we're simply just saying, “hey look at all of these resources you have that you can take home and you can do this on your own and you can give yourself the ability to take control of your life.”

SS: Obviously Expansive Voice in itself is a huge Soul Shaping tool, but are there any other tools that you recommend, or that have helped you to shape your soul?
EV: Books! Books! Books! Books have been one of the most influential pieces to my journey, I love to learn, but on my own time, at my own pace. I look forward to reading daily, it becomes a type of meditative practice for me. I create a scared place when I read, making sure I'm comfortable at home or somewhere beautiful outdoors or at a favorite coffee/tea shop. I plan to include one book every experience as a gift to all attendees!

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, PH.D
The G.O.D Experiments by Gary E. Schwartz PH.D
Whats in a Tear? The Purpose of Cancer by Paul Leendertse
You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh
Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth


Soul Shapers has teamed up with Nicolette and Expansive Voice to host a Wellness and Fundraiser Event that will also be raising awareness and giving back to The Her Initiative:

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