"There are too many good people doing good things not to share their stories with the world."
Soul Shapers is a curation of profiles on people that we recognize to be doing good and inspiring others. We aim to feature them in a true and transparent light, telling their story and sharing their philanthropic and loving efforts. Through most of our collaborations, we design a product inspired by the featured Soul Shaper that gives back to an organization of their choice. 
Soul Shapers also provides tools and 
Soul Shapers is a curation of profiles and services that feature 



"Soul Shapers stemmed from my modeling career and this empty feeling that was starting to take over my life.

I really wanted to do something that mattered-- it's not all about me and I never really wanted it to be that way."

Don't get me wrong, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my experiences, however this lead to an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. I kept searching for meaning and grit and authenticity. However, through all of the negative and difficult times, I felt super lucky and inspired to be exposed to dozens of charity events, beneficial causes and eco-driven impact companies.


I was motivated by the amount of individuals making positive changes in our environment, and realized there was a missing link - a platform specifically bringing light to these people, brands, products and organizations... which is why Soul Shapers has come to life. It is something that gives me butterflies and goosebumps, smiles and giddiness, excitement and a sense of community. I hope you join the Soul Shapers community in shaping your own Soul and those around you- join us for the ride.