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Soul Shapers is a curation of profiles and services that strive to provide you with empowerment to make a difference in the world and shape your soul.

Each Soul Shaper has a profile that features them in a true and transparent light, telling their story and sharing their philanthropic efforts in a way that continues to inspire.

Through each feature we collaborate and curate a Limited Edition product inspired by the featured Soul Shaper. A generous portion of each sale gives back to an organization of their choice.

Soul Shapers provides Social Networking Collaborations to provide inspiration, advice, information, and to promote curiosity and discussion.

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"I managed to recognize that through all of the darkness and self ridicule, there was also growth and love."

Although I was thrown into modeling for 7+ years and had the opportunity to travel the world, live abroad, and experience things that I never could have seen otherwise, there also came some of the lowest moments of my life: loneliness, anxiety, depression, self-hate, insecurity, fear, and emptiness.

After these feelings consumed me, I managed to recognize that through all of the darkness and self ridicule, there was also growth and love. I found connection and community through all of the people I was meeting.

At work I started to recognize people's amazing journeys and efforts to make a difference. I had an epiphany that I wanted more- I wanted to know them, support them, talk about them, and bring awareness to them.

After a long period of striving to start, here I am... here I am with a real website, real product, and a group of real people who I look up to and love.

I hope everyone looking for more or who just want to be inspired, finds it here. I am with you and understand the craving and the wonder. I could not be more excited for this journey and I'm grateful that you are a part of it.






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